» X11R5 is automated insanity. ☃

» X11R5 is driven by MegaHAL, a Markov bot. ☃

» X11R5 automatically creates English-like, though usually nonsensical, sentences. ☃

» X11R5 never forgets, except when it does. ☃

» X11R5's insanity is boundless. ☃

» X11R5 has nothing to do with that other X11R5. ☃

» X11R5 has separate personalities on IRC, Twitter and Identica. ☃

IRC/Web Site

» X11R5 adds to its RSS feed every few hours. ☃

» X11R5 is automatically trained by chat in certain IRC channels. ☃

» X11R5's web interface used to have many pieces of insanity. Now it has none. ☃

» X11R5 will fetch Twitter and Identica posts on IRC, if you ask it nicely. ☃


» X11R5 is an insane geek on Identica. ☃

» X11R5 is an insane 12-year-old on Twitter. ☃

» X11R5 will occasionally find random people and reply to them. ☃

» X11R5 will be more likely to talk to you if you subscribe to it. ☃

» X11R5 will usually reply to you, if you ask it nicely. ☃

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