Cybersauce Broadcasting Corporation

International. Impartial. Incomprehensible.

Have you ever thought the news was randomly generated by computers? Well now you don't have to wonder. The Cybersauce Broadcasting Corporation provides a fresh new look on news by creating it itself, without any human intervention. Tune in for the latest news, politics and sports -- usually in the same sentence.

Cybersauce World News

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Latest broadcast: 2016-05-02 Cybersauce News (04:21): [ MP3 ] [ Ogg ] [ Transcript ]

Format: MP3, Ogg Vorbis
Release schedule: Each Monday morning
Broadcast duration: Approximately 5 minutes


CSBC broadcasts are Creative Commons licensed (CC-BY), and incorporate content from Creative Commons news sources (currently Wikinews). Broadcast music is based on works produced by Kevin MacLeod (CC-BY). The CSBC and X11R5 were created by Ryan Finnie.


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